Timevision Modules

A solution for constraints development and verification, allowing
system-on-chip (SoC) and integrated circuit (IC) developers to
make massive productivity gains across the design flow.


Constraints on functionality, power and reuse often compel designers to make their RTL have multiple operating modes, controllable by constant settings in firmware or clock controllers. Back-end engineers need to design timing constraints that cover all possible operating modes of the RTL. 

This is a technically challenging task, not including the need to verify the resulting SDC.  Timevision Mode-Merge takes an arbitrary number of SDC files, representing multiple operating modes, and produces a single SDC file that covers all modes in the one run – reducing the number of back-end licenses needed to close the block, while ensuring all timing paths are covered in the single merged mode.


Resource Available

Timevision Mode Merge Used in Timing ECO Flow presented by Broadcom

Mode Merge

Simplifying mode merge for modern designs