Dr. Sam Appleton
President and CEO
Sam co-founded Ausdia, and drove the early product planning, product development and market analysis for Timevision. Prior to Ausdia, Sam held a variety of technical leadership roles at Azul Systems, Reshape, Cosine Communications and Silicon Graphics. At Azul Systems, Sam drove the implementation & physical methodology for three generations of custom SMP procesors, from 500 to 900Mhz and 1.2B transistors.

Sam received a Ph.D. in Electronic Engineering from the University of Adelaide, focussed on high-performance asynchronous circuit & logic design. He has personally been involved in more than 20 tapeouts from 1um to 28nm.
Atul Bhagat
Atul brings more than 17 years of technical leadership and a stellar execution track record at several Silicon Valley companies. He guides Ausdia's architectural vision and product design to align with business and market opportunity strategies. Prior to co-founding Ausdia, Atul was the Timing Analysis, Timing Closure and Chip Integration technical lead at Azul Systems Inc., Reshape Inc., nVIDIA Corp. and Sun Microsystems.

In this role, Atul provided technical leadership in every facet of RTL Synthesis to GDS flow / methodology development, to ensure timely and successful tapeout of highly complex chips. Atul also has extensive experience working successfully with technical, R&D teams of major EDA and IP vendors to derive optimal chip & timing closure solutions.

Atul graduated from Stanford University with a MS degree in Electrical Engineering in December 1996. He also holds a BS in Electrical Engineering from University of Kentucky, May 1995.