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Saving Money and Schedule with TimeVision

Friday, September 18th, 2009

Would you like to cut your schedule and cost by over 50%? YES – I would rather not spend days poring over 5 different tools’ check_timing reports!

Recently we worked on a chip where we started working on a fixed-cost, fixed-schedule model. The numbers are compelling – and we wanted to share them here. Now, obviously this is just one piece of the problem (it’s a big design). But we’re able to offer amazing cost & schedule advantages compared to our old way of doing things – as consultants and with a few 10000’s of lines of scriptware that came with us everywhere.

What we could offer using TimeVision Consulting on a large, complex System-On-Chip block at 65nm was….

  • Block -> 30+ clocks, 500K+ instances, 121k registers
  • Contents -> purchased soft & hard IP, internally-designed subsystems, ARM AMBA interfaces
  • DFT – scan & bist logic inserted
  • IOs – several complex & speed-sensitive IO interfaces at full-chip level
  • Modes – generate all mode constraints including functional, scan shift/capture, BIST
  • Requirements – IP documentation for hard/soft IP, several hours of RTL designer(s) time to discuss clocks & other design issues
  • Deliverables (1) qualified & debugged constraints for synthesis and place/route, and (2) qualified, debugged & validated signoff constraints for all modes
Task “Typical” Consulting TimeVision Consulting
Time Expended Cost @$100/hr Time Expended FIXED cost
Timing Constraint Development, Debug, Integration 4 weeks $16 000 4 days $8 000
Backend Collateral (Clock diagrams, balancing requirements, IO timing etc) 1 week $4 000 1 day $2 000
Major Iterative Respin (RTL change, new IP drop) 2 weeks $8 000 2 days $4 000
Prorated EDA tool cost $3 000
TOTAL TIME/COST 7 weeks $31 000 7 days $14 000

Compared to what we would have done previously, we were able to deliver

  • 55% cost reduction
  • 5x faster turnaround time ( 4 weeks -> 4 days)
  • 5x faster turnaround on iterations of the same block ( 2 weeks -> 2 days)

Our 4 day work included the review and integration of RTL desinger/IP Vendor provided point-to-point, register-level false/mcp paths and case_analysis.

Wow! Who wouldn’t want that!